Maureen A. Hagan


I am a systems and computational neuroscientist at Monash University. My work focuses on understanding how cells in different areas of the brain orchestrate their activity to communicate with one another.


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Multiregional communcation

My research focuses on understanding how information flows through the brain. No behaviour or cogntitive process is guided by a single brain area acting in isolation. Networks of brain areas interact to form the basis of sensory perception, guide movements, and cognition. I use multi-electrode, multi-area recordings to study how information flows both within and across brain areas.

Laminar cortical organization

To keep track of what information is coming from where and when, each brain area organizes its inputs. By using laminar multi-electrodes that simulatanously record across layers of cortex, I study how the architechture of cortex is used to integrate infomation across brain areas. I also employ tools like optogenetics to manipulate specfic inputs to an area to causally test how information from one area influence another.

Behavioral mechanisms

Ultimately, the goal is to understand how communiation acorss brain ares gives rise to behavior. Both overt behaviors, such as movements, and covert behaviors, such as attention and decision-making, depend on systems of brain areas that modulate their interactions depending on behavioral demands. Therefore, we can experiments where behavioral outputs can be used to gauge neural communication.


The lab currently has projects suitable for all levels of student, including BMS/PHY3990, Honours, Masters and PhD. If the research sounds exciting to you, get in touch!









last updated July 2020